Darwin 59'ers Riding 2015-16

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Darwin 59'ers Riding 2015-16

Postby Hewie » 22 Jul 2015, 10:32

Hi Rockers and Rockettes, Especially those that live or are Visting, the Top End.

Unfortunately due to computer issues, posting has not been conituned since April 14, however to give some ongoing info:

Small Group of 59'er riders with Rock 'n' Roll in their soul regularly ride in the Top End. However, will admit that we do ride with other like minded individuals who also run with other's such as FOB and indeed, the NT Womens Motorcycle Riders, group.

Following the 59 decorum we don't have any particular rules, and we basically ride because we like to ride and associate with the people we are with, even Party occasionally :lol: However, we tend to avoid those types that have other issues and agenda's.

Therefore everyone is welcome, but those with other criteria or plans, other then fun and association need not kick start, their bikes to join the ride. :wink:

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Re: Darwin 59'ers Riding 2015-16

Postby Tinman » 01 Sep 2015, 21:24

Thanks for the update, keep us posted with any events or ideas happening up north and look forward to catching up soon.
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