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Mods vs Rockers 2014

Postby Tinman » 03 Oct 2014, 23:50

So the Mods versus Rockers 50th anniversary has hit an unexpected hitch. We are not able to do our usual 11am to 12:30 gathering at Brighton Baths Cafe Melbourne before heading off to our site in Oakleigh for the day. Remembering we do this event for Oz Child charity every year. The council and local police have shut us down. The day will be run at 24 Fulton Street Oakleigh South on the 16th of November. I will be at the original site from 11am until noon with three other club members giving directions before joining the rest of the crew at Fulton Street. Please share this far and wide.

UPDATE FROM 59 CLUB NATIONAL PRESIDENT: We have three choices - Leave from Luna Park (Mods) or Brenford Square in Forrest Hill 10am (Rockers). Or people can just come up to 24 Fulton St, Oakleigh Sth from 11am. The cops and council had too many complaints from residents in Brighton (They were scared the property prices will fall because of us and the cops detected unregistered and noisy bikes at the last run (a major crime in Brighton), had complaints about dangerous riding from motorists and of course we welcome all clubs and had patch clubs in attendance (no mention of the $30,000 we raised for charity). They cannot support our event but would come down to enforce the law at Brighton. Better to move it and have another plan for next year. We will get all the details out on social media and new flyers are reprinted as we speak. Still going to be a great day. We could just have it in Brighton anyway and recreate the riots from 50 years ago
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