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Postby Shadow59 » 06 Feb 2014, 11:17

To all 59 Club Members in Australia

Its been over 10 years now since we started the official Australian branch of the 59 club.
The idea was to keep it simple. We have all been involved in other clubs before and the 59 Club in Australia was not going to be anything like a main stream motorcycle club. No rules, no meetings about meetings, all about the Rockers era of the 50s and 60s, building bikes, riding and hanging out with mates.

The club has grown a lot since the start with a big increase in members Australia wide. We do have some guide lines now, some we have to follow because we now offer club registration in Victoria, and VicRoads rules come with that benefit. Others are like a probationary period for new membership applications.

We like to keep in simple and thats why we are simplifying how the club is to run running in Australia. We have one club, The 59 Club Australia, and we are all members under that umbrella. We have one National committee that deals with the business side of the club e.g. website, membership, merchandise, insurance, incorporation stuff etc. Going forward members are welcome to form local or regional ride groups (Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mandurah, Adelaide Hills, South East Victoria, etc). These groups will organise all the rides and events in their area. They will have organisers in the group if there is a need for it.

In the tradition of the 59 Club we will accept people from all walks of life and don't care what brand of bike they prefer, just no trikes and no scooters. They do have to understand that we are a club of Rockers with an interest in the 50s and 60s Rockers era in England. We don't want to get involved in politics or other clubs. We all live busy lives and the club is a place to get away from all the crap that gets thrown at us every day.

To us its simple, one black leather jacket with a 59 on it, a well tuned bike and some good mates to hang out with.

Take good Care and see you on the road.

The National Committee
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Postby perrin37 » 06 Feb 2014, 11:55

From the outside looking in - this is a most welcome message.
At 52 years if age and grandfather of 7, having ridden since I was 5, I don\'t feel like I need to sit in meetings full of politics and riding rules to enjoy my passion.
I have ridden with quite a few of your Queensland members over the past couple of years, and look forward to more.
After the recent changes up here - I will take a closer look at how the club operates and may consider joining formally - although that will be a radical shift in my way of being...
Ride safe - and enjoy the wind!
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