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Postby Prowler » 09 Aug 2012, 12:27

RIP Martin. Ride free...<div>Anyone interested in riding to the funeral can join Lofty &amp; myself&nbsp;at Peter Stevens Dandenong at 10am.</div>
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Postby cc rider » 09 Aug 2012, 23:16

I\'ll meet you guys there (at work)<bmi_SafeAddOnload>
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Postby Mullet » 10 Aug 2012, 19:22

<img> As we are close personal friends of Martin (Member 161), Fran and family it was great to see 59 Club members attending the Service for Martin. It was especially good to see members arriving on their bikes considering the bad weather conditions. It was also nice to hear the 59 Club were acknowledged in the Ulogy. In the Service the Priest gave reference to being a 59 Club Member in relation to some of life\'s situations. <br> <br>Fran expressed her appreciation and thanks to the 59 Club. She would have liked to have met members at the after Service refreshments to thank them personally for their support. <br> <br>Martin <img> - it was an honour having known you and having the opportunity to have ridden with you on many occasions, you will be sadly missed. <br> <br> RIP <br> Keep on Riding. <br> Mullet & Shez XO <br> <br>
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Postby nortonman72 » 16 Aug 2012, 17:46

my deepest condolences to martins family. sorry ,ive just heard the news! very sad news
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