How far can you push your bike without blowing a valve?

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How far can you push your bike without blowing a valve?

Postby Johnno » 26 Feb 2015, 15:17

How far can you push your bike without blowing a valve???
Now I have always been a pretty strong sort of bloke, tall and heavily built. Ok a bit fat these days. But I reckon we should be able to push our bikes around. You know, you get to the servo, you fill up with petrol, and then you want a coffee, so you push your bike away from the fuel bowser and park it, or push it over to the air pump to check your tyre pressure…
Anyway, some soft cocks hop on their bikes and start ‘em up and ride over to the parking space or what ever. Not Johnno, (more muscles than brains) I bloody grab the handlebars and push my bike. When I get over to the spot I want to stop at, I fumble for the kick stand, (or the centre stand on the old BMW) and hoist it into the resting position.
People might say that I am a bit mad, until they get to know me a bit better, then they know that I am completely off my head! But back when I used to smoke, I rolled my own, I get the Sard wonder soap onto my stained clothes and let rip in the wash basin in the laundry, none of that spray stain remover for me…
I still change my own tyres by hand in the workshop, I do my own oil changes and servicing, I’ve got a push mower in the garden shed, none of that noisy motor mower crap for me. If I can do it the hard way, that’s how I like it. I dug out the back yard by pick and shovel when I put the pool in, I built my BBQ out of bricks and mortar, I didn’t waste my time with one of those portable types that run on gas. I chop wood for the copper in the back shed when I need hot water for the bath, and I have a bike hooked up to a dynamo when I want to watch television.
So when I ran out of gas on the Western Ring Road this week I didn’t think twice about it, I started to push my Harley Heritage to the nearest service station. I pushed it up the off ramp at Sydney Road, then I pushed it for 1.6 kms to the BP. I gotta admit I was pretty hot and bothered by the time I made it there, and I couldn’t keep up with the traffic.
Now the moral to this story is to make sure you fill up the tank before you set off for work. And if you swing over to the reserve, put some gas in the bastard before you set off next time out!
Oh, and by the way, I don’t have a push mower, nor did I dig out the yard for the pool by hand…. I haven’t chopped wood since I was a youngster at Dunning’s wood yard in Kew, and I have the electricity on at my place, no dynamos at all. I was lying when I put those bits in.

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