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The 59 Club Australia Inc is the official branch of the famous 59 Club of London.

We are a Motorcycle Club for riders of Cafe Bikes, Motorcycles built in the spirit of a Cafe race or Classic bikes, but all are welcome.

The 59 Club Australia was founded on the idea that motorcycles were built to be ridden not polished. It's also based on the Rocker Culture of England in the 60's, the music and the motorcycles. We have very few rules we just want you to show up. We want to keep it about cool bikes, hanging out with your mates and having a good time.



Show & Shine - Club Rego Day

The 59 Club in Australia has come a long way since its humble beginning over 10 years ago. We now have a strong membership base and a steady increase of members every year. It’s great to see an increase in younger members with a drive to keep the club moving forward.

The 59 Club has a rich history and it is important that we continue with the ideas and principal the 59 club was founded on, at the beginning in England and here in Australia. The 59 Club Australia has found a place among all the other clubs which is unique and not like the others.

There are brand specific clubs like Triumph, Moto Guzzi, BMW, Harley clubs and clubs like Vintage Japanese, Cafe Racers, old Farts (Ulysses) or Touring clubs and of course 1% clubs. We are none of the above and never aimed to be anything like a normal bike club. We want to stay true to what the club was when it started over 50 years ago, a Rockers club with no rules (just a few friendly guide lines) It’s about the Rockers era of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s about cool and old school bikes, the music and the fashion. It’s about old fashion hanging out with your mates, working on bikes, going for a burn and hanging out at the caf, having parties, Rock n’ Roll music, racing and generally having a good time.

We are getting more selective about whose joins the club. We have a strict probationary period to make sure that we have members that show the right attitude and commitment. Current members are encouraged to participate and attend. Once you are a member of the 59 club you can be proud to be part of a family that has a strong bond here in Australia and also internationally. Some members have many patches and pin on their jackets, others just a few but if it’s only one patch it needs to be the official round 59 patch. Wear it with pride like the many thousands of 59ers before you.

In 2015, we will push even harder to hold on to the ideas and traditions on which this club was founded and keep it free of politics and BS.
So, put on your black leather jacket, throw a leg over your well tuned bike and join us for the ride.
Let the Legend live on!

Rockers Forever!



Where To Find Us

Members of the 59 Club Australia share a passion for riding, racing and fixing bikes. The line-up of bikes is quite diverse from British and European to Japanese, with a focus on Classic, Cafe & Street Fighter styles. We like to carry on the traditions of the British Rocker Clubs, riding bikes and hanging out with your mates.


In Victoria, Club meetings are held on the forth Wednesday of each month starting at 7pm at the Maroondah Club on the corner of Mt Dandenong Road and Dublin Road in Ringwood.
You can also find us on Sundays at the All Moto Cafe on Maroondah Highway, East End, Healesville from 10am. (Unless we have a 59 Club Event)
We also meet on Wednesday mornings at Monroe's Cafe in Healesville, Main Street (across from the Post Office) at 11am.


We organise regular weekend and weekday rides and annual club events. We hold two Major rides per year. The 59 Club Burn-Up and an annual Mods vs. Rockers run, with all profits donated to charity.
We have a bunch of guys that enjoy making old bikes go fast and race at several historic race meets throughout the year. If you like club politics and drama, you have to look elsewhere.

We also have members across all of Australia, contact us on the above details and we can put you in contact with your local members in your state.



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